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Lend with Smile – Borrow without Crossing a Mile!

Money must keep changing hands! Shake hands with RupeeCircle and be a part of this money circle!

Borrow with Ease

Get P2P Loans at one of the biggest P2P lending platforms, RupeeCircle. We take pride in being India's Most Trusted P2P Lending Platform where we provide the best compound annual growth rate, and hassle-free P2P borrowing.

Get the Loan!

There could be a myriad number of times when people do not take some of the most important moves in their lives just because of cash crunch. Well! Not anymore! As P2P finance is now easy and hassle-free! Get the P2P instant loan, and get things going right away! Peer to peer finance is basically the term used for the much useful financial innovation that unites verified money borrowers promise of perfection looking for unsecured personal loans with the financers expecting to earn high returns.

Lenders Delight!

Our platform enlists the verified borrowers, so that the investors can view them all with their details to make things easier for both the parties before the money transaction. Lenders get the option to provide smaller funding amounts to multiple borrowers in an effort to diversify their investments.

Investments Are Commonplace!

P2P business lending gradually turned out to be a tremendously successful financing model for alternate finances around the world. In our Indian sub-continent as well, this is gaining much traction at a very speedy rate and gradually turning out to be a very striking investment proposition for the otherwise wary financers. As a matter of fact, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) too has already taken a cognizance of this financial innovation in the country, and has turned up with some regulations for this sector.

Trust Our Services!

To build trust in us, we recommend you to take a trail of our services at our NBFC P2P lending platform. Don’t miss the attractive interest rates at our P2P lending best platform. The goodness of any service is corroborated by the evaluation of the users, and we are happy to say that our users are happy with our services.

Your Trustworthy Finance Partner!

You might have come across with a lot of peer lending loans apps and sites, giving the, but from the numerous P2P lending companies sprawling around in the online marketplace, you will find RupeeCircle as your trustworthy finance partner!

Nil Pre Payment Charge

RupeeCircle have no pre-payment charges post 3 EMI payments, however there is a commitment of 3 months EMI to be kept by borrower.

Be Assured – Your Financial/Personal Information Is Safe at P2P Fintech RupeeCircle

P2P money lending at RupeeCircle is thoroughly safe as we respect your privacy and maintain the same by not letting out any of your personal and/or financial info out to anyone non-authorized to fetch those details. We make it a point to always keep your data totally confidential, and make sure that only the authorized RupeeCircle employees and the authorized service providers get access to your personal and/or financial information.


P2P Investments have become the new world order; and a myriad of P2P investing platforms have come into existence the world over making international peer to peer lending a great possibility in today’s time. RupeeCircle happens to be one of best P2P lending sites for investors and borrowers alike, who can enjoy many advantages by associating with us:
  • • Amazing rates
  • • NBFC P2P license platform
  • • CAGR and annual growth rate
  • • Lower costs as borrowers
  • • Data safety and personal anonymity
  • • Short term lending possibilities
  • • Complete online processed available round-the-clock

How Does It Work?

P2P investing has become the order of the day. Ours is a P to P lending platform that has complete online operations. Use our technology for lowering the costs of borrowing the money and passing the savings reverse with lower interest rates for the borrowers and amazing returns for the investors.
  • • First and foremost: you must register with RupeeCircle. This can be done by creating an account in just 5 simple steps including a) profile, b) document submission, c) verification, d) application and e) approval.
  • • Then, you can choose the type of required. This can be done by choosing the offer with the terms, which you think will work best in your case.
  • • Finally, get the funds in no time with peer to peer business lending at RupeeCircle. Yes! The money goes straight to your bank account through direct peer to peer credit.

Meet the Money Ways – In Just a Few Days!

We have a vast network investors looking to invest in individual peer to peer lending loans projects approved by RupeeCircle. As soon as your loan is approved, it gets listed on our platform, and your personal loan is credited through direct deposit within a few days’ time only.

Good Returns

Ours is one of the best peer to peer investing firms in India that works with the sole motive of providing the investors with the opportunities to invest as per their preferences to earn great returns.

Easy Collection & Comfortable Recovery

We ensure that money collection is easy for the borrowers, and we also provide recovery support to the investors for all the P2P loans lent from us. We have a highly professional well-defined procedure in place to undertake these processes and to ensure stress-free experiences both for the borrowers as well as for the financers.

High-Quality P2P Loans

All P2P NBFC loan projects at RupeeCircle undergo stringent credit analysis including CIBIL- check as well as physical verifications so that a diverse range of robust loan projects are enlisted here.

Safety & Transparency

At RupeeCircle, we have endeavored to put the finest data security standards in order to keep the users’ data safe & protected at all the times. It is completely safe to lend/borrow money online through our secure online peer to peer platforms! Our teams are fully committed to provide excellent products along with great customer service. For lucid money transactions, we have endeavored to implement industry-best practices so as to harbor the safety of users’ personal data.

Speedy & Hassle-Free

When you are with RupeeCircle, you will enjoy seamless end-user experiences in terms of the easiness of monetary transactions, ability of viewing detailed accounts statements, transaction analysis, along with many other useful features. Users, who are seeking P2P loans, can complete our simple online application process, for us to screen their information, determine the interest rate and present the loan offers. Upon borrower’s acceptance to the loan, it then listed to our website. Also from individual financers to the various and sundry institutions, it is possible to select the loans wherein one wishes to participate and earn great returns.


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