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RupeeCircle lets you take an auto loan at attractive interest rates and lets you kick-start your car finance journey within a few clicks.

Looking for an Auto Loan to Buy a New or Used Vehicle?

The type of vehicle you own reflects your persona and lifestyle. Car loan rates are exorbitant in the market and let's not forget accumulating debt. Buying a car may seem like an impossible dream but with RupeeCircle auto finance loans, it no longer stays a dream.

RupeeCircle brings to its borrowers flexible car finance options at affordable car loan rates which doesn’t burn a hole in their pocket. Our car finance plans are customised to your needs and we offer some of the best car loan rates in the market.

Our application process is completely online and paperless. When you file your vehicle loan application through us, it just takes a few working days to process and disburse your vehicle loan straight to your bank account.

Our fixed but low auto loan interest rates let you pay back what you borrow in affordable EMIs.

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A Simpler Solution to Getting Your Car

Choosing your dream car is easy but getting your vehicle finance options in order becomes difficult for many. With car prices going up, it's reasonable to see why many can't afford to opt for a vehicle finance loan.

When you take a new car loan through RupeeCircle, you make the process of owning a car hassle-free. You simply select which car you want and let us take care of your car finance problems. Our application process for taking a new car loan is very straightforward and takes only a few minutes of your time.

Auto loan financing is fast and your online car loans are processed and disbursed within a few working days. We don't impose any restrictions or eligibility criteria on our online car loans. This means you can pick your dream car without worrying about making compromises when you apply for a car loan through us.

RupeeCircle offers some of the best car loan rates in the industry which are very affordable. This makes paying back for your new car finance easy.

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Why Choose RupeeCircle for Your New Car Loan?

RupeeCircle offers some of the best car loans in the market. Here are some of the benefits you get when you apply for a car loan through our platform.