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Start investing with as low as Rs. 5,000 and get returns up to 30% per annum by leveraging P2P lending. As per RBI guidelines, one can invest a maximum of Rs. 50 Lacs in P2P lending. With monthly income, auto investment feature, digital interface including web and mobile application, and support from a dedicated team of wealth managers, RupeeCircle offers an alternative financial asset which fits in with the retail investment behaviour.

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Interest Rates


Lender Registration fee of Rs 500 inclusive of taxes shall be applicable.

Investors will be charged a percentage from each investment for Document Preparation & Handling Charges. This amount will be deducted from the first EMI of the investment.

Loan Service Fee will be charged a percentage from Interest part of each EMI,If applicable taxes auto-deducted every month from the amount received from the loan applicant before transferring the funds into Investor’s wallet.

Investment Fee will be charge as applicable (Flat/Percentage) on Annualized basis.

Account Swap Charges In case of Investor opting to change the account in which EMIs are being received, Investor will need to pay
 Rs. 250  (inclusive of tax) as account swapping charges. This will be deducted from the next receivable installment by the investor.

*Taxes as applicable and all Rates & Fees are subject to changes.

RupeeCircle Risk Grades

RupeeCircle has developed a proprietary Credit Rating Score Model which incorporates a number of parameters such as credit history, financial ability & stability, social and other behavioural patterns of the loan applicant encompassing 5000+ data points.

Based on the detailed analysis, RupeeCircle’s in-house underwriting team classifies the loan application into six RupeeCircle risk grades - A to F, (A being the category with the strongest credit profile and F being the weakest).

Auto Invest

RupeeCircle investors can define their preferences with our auto-investment feature and their funds get deployed automatically when relevant loan requirements are listed on the marketplace.

RupeeCircle suggest options of investable portfolios by automatically filtering out the marketplace based on investor’s predetermined preferences (Loan Purpose, Risk Grade, Interest Rate, Loan Tenure, etc.).

Some investors might prefer to have their invested amount returned to them as a lump sum (principal + accrued interest) instead of receiving Monthly Payments. Others can opt to auto-invest in which the Monthly Payment they receive would be reinvested into new loans selected as per the criteria pre-set by them.

The Auto-Invest feature along with the facility to sell part or all of it in the Secondary Market gives the investor better control over their portfolio.