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RupeeCircle provides you with the opportunity to invest in completely New Asset Class – P2P Lending through which you can earn high returns upto 30%. Interest rate on each loan listed depends on the Credit Risk Grade (A to F) of borrowers, assigned by our automated proprietary Credit Score Model that uses the personal and financial information provided by borrowers to risk-asses and understand their financial capacity and personal propensity to repay the loan.

The interest rate thus assigned ranges from 12% to 30%. Investors can choose which loan to invest in as per borrower risk category and can flexibly build up their portfolio as per their personal financial goals and risk appetite.

We encourage investors to spread investment across multiple borrowers to diversify risk.

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Investors can register on the RupeeCircle platform free of charge.

Investors will be charged Rs. 50 per investment for Document Preparation & Handling Charges. This amount will be deducted from the first EMI of the investment.

Loan Service Fee of 1-2% of the EMI amount + applicable taxes is auto-deducted every month from the EMI amount received from the borrower before transferring the funds into Investor’s wallet.
This fee is currently waived off for investors (however, this might be subject to change in future).

Investment Fee of 1% of the Total Investment Amount + applicable taxes will be charged per investment towards the end of the loan tenure from the last EMI Payment.

In case of Investor opting to change the account in which EMIs are being received, Investor will need to pay Rs. 250 (inclusive of tax) as account swapping charges. This will be deducted from the next receivable installment by the investor.

*Government Taxes as applicable and all Rates & Fees are subject to changes.

RupeeCircle Risk Grades

RupeeCircle has developed a proprietary Credit Rating Score Model which incorporates a number of parameters such as credit history, financial ability & stability, social and other behavioural patterns of the borrower, using more than 200+ data points of personal & financial information and documents provided by the borrowers.

Based on the detailed analysis RupeeCircle in-house underwriting team classifies borrowers into the Six RupeeCircle Risk Grades - A to F, A being the category with the strongest credit profile and F being the weakest, and provide Interest Rate as per the risk grades along with a Report for each of the loans listed on the RupeeCircle Marketplace.

The classification is based on the estimated likelihood, that borrowers will not pay back their loan. In order to compensate Investors for taking a higher risk, loans listed with higher risk grades yield more interest.

This acts as a benchmark for both the borrowers and the investors to understand risks associated with each of the loans. Potential investors can use RupeeCircle Risk Grades to help them to decide which listings to commit funds to.

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Auto Invest

Auto-Invest is a New Investment Feature from RupeeCircle, which allows Investors to automatically invest in Loans, using pre-set Custom Filters to match their personal investment strategy.

Auto-Invest is an automated service where Investors have their funds auto invested in listed loans on their behalf based on their investment criteria.

RupeeCircle suggest options to Investor of Investable Loans and Portfolios by automatically filtering out the Loan Marketplace based on Investor’s predetermined Loan Preferences (Loan Purpose, Risk Grade, Interest Rate, Loan Tenure, etc).

Thus saving investor's time and energy on analysing and monitoring of every loan listed on the Marketplace. You can also fix a monthly amount to invest (like a SIP) on a recurring basis.

Some Investors might prefer to have their invested amount returned to them as a lump sum (of principal + accrued interest) instead of receiving Monthly Payments. They can opt for auto-invest in which the Monthly Payment they receive from their loan portfolio would be reinvested into new loans selected as per criteria pre-set by them.

By using the Auto-Invest feature along with the facility to sell part or all of it in the Secondary Market, an investor can very accurately fine tune his portfolio.