Earn Solid Returns

Invest in New Investment Asset Class though P2P Lending

  • Earn Returns upto 30% on your Investments

    Leave poor portfolio performance and get returns as high as 36%

  • Earn Monthly Returns

    You get your returns credited straight to your account on a monthly basis

  • Invest as low as Rs 5000/-

    Investments start as low as Rs. 5000/-

  • High Quality Investment

    Verified borrower profiles with lesser chances of default

  • No Market Volatility

    Independent of market volatility while investing through RupeeCircle

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Earn Solid Return

Why Invest through RupeeCircle?

Why Invest Through
Why Invest Through
High Returns

High Average Returns

RupeeCircle lets investors earn average returns of 24% p.a. through its P2P lending platform. HNIs, Institutions and everyday people use P2P lending as an alternative diversification tool for their investment portfolio.

Earn Monthly Returns

Monthly Returns and Re-investment

No longer do you have to wait for a few months or a year to see if you're making money. Your returns are credited to your account on a monthly basis. Unused returns are reinvested as additional investments which make you more money, thus making us one of the best peer to peer lending platforms in the industry.


Diversification Options

We give you diversification options on the peer to peer loans based on different borrower profiles - risk grades, interest rates, tenure of loans etc. Our state-of-the-art optimization engine enables diversification of investments and crowd-source the loans.

Auto Invest

Auto-Invest Feature

Don't worry about investing manually every time you decide. You would only need to select your criteria and save it as your preference. The automated P2P investing feature on your dashboard just takes this into account and selects borrower profiles based on your criteria.

Hassle free, Transparent, and Secure

Transparent, Trustworthy and Safe

Our marketplace lending platform is absolutely transparent. We connect you with prospective borrowers based on your requirements and kickstart your P2Pfinance journey with just a few clicks. We have a range of loan options to choose from with monthly returns assured on investments.

Zero Market Volatility

Traditional investment assets like equity, debt funds and mutual funds are prone to market volatility. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose but with Peer to Peer lending through RupeeCircle, you get what you deserve. You lend money, you earn interest - it's as simple as that.

Secondary Market

RupeeCircle further innovates the P2P marketspace by providing Secondary Market possibilities. Investors have the facility of exiting their investment prior to the tenure of the loan.

You can list your investment portfolio and specify which loans you want to sell out in our Secondary Marketplace. Investors may initiate bidding on your portfolio once you have listed your portfolio for sale. The best part about secondary market is that you also get to purchase loan portfolios.

Secondary Market

Loan Grades

We have a cutting-edge technology and large data points to assess borrower profiles. Variables such as credit history, financial stability, repayment capability, and behavioural patterns are assessed when matching you up with prospective borrowers. Over 200+ data points and documents create credit profiles and simulate risk assessments. Our risk grades go all the way up to F with A being the safest and F being the highest risk.

The classification is based on the estimated likelihood that borrowers will not pay back their loan. In order to reward lenders for taking a higher risk, loan projects with higher risk grades yield more interest.

Loan Grades

Trust & Transparency

RupeeCircle believes in lending and borrowing responsibly. Create your goals, set your criteria and watch your investments get to work on our Peer to Peer Lending platform. We invest in build trust among investors by providing them with credit-worthy borrowers.

The entire process of lending and borrowing is online and there are no hidden charges. We filter out the best possible creditworthy borrowers through our Credit Risk model which is unique and designed by Industry experts before listing them on our Market Place.

Trust & Transparency


Laying all your eggs in one basket is what we don't believe. We are among India's P2P lending sites that encourages investors to diversify investments across multiple borrowers and get steady returns. For instance, the performance of your invested amount of 1 lac divided among 20 borrowers with Rs. 5,000 each cannot be majorly affected by one default.

For instance, the performance of your invested amount of 1 lacs divided among 5 borrowers with Rs. 20,000 each could be majorly affected by one default. Wherein if the same amount is diversified to 20 borrowers with Rs. 5000 each, few defaults will not affect the collective returns of your portfolio in a big way.