P2P Investments

Up to 36% annual returns

Digital investments from anywhere, at anytime

  • Earn Returns upto 30% on your Investments

    Generate an alternate source of monthly income

  • Earn Monthly Returns

    Get EMIs credited directly to your bank account

  • Invest as low as Rs 5000/-

    Start investing as low as Rs. 5,000

  • High Quality Investment

    Machine Learning based credit underwriting

  • No Market Volatility

    No stock market volatility

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Why Choose RupeeCircle P2P Investments?

Why Invest Through
Why Invest Through
High Returns

High Returns Delivered

RupeeCircle maintains transparent portfolio performance and has been able to provide an average of up to 36% per annum. returns through its P2P lending platform.

Earn Monthly Returns

Reinvestment and Compounding Benefits

RupeeCircle investors get monthly income generated through P2P investments which can be reinvested instantly as per their preferences for a chosen tenure.



RupeeCircle investors get to select from multiple risk grades, loan tenures and interest rates which are determined by proprietary risk assessment algorithm.

Auto Invest

Auto-Invest Feature

RupeeCircle investors can define their preferences with our auto-investment feature and their funds get deployed automatically when relevant loan requirements are listed on the marketplace.

Hassle free, Transparent, and Secure

Transparent and Trustworthy

RupeeCircle, RBI licensed NBFC-P2P, is backed by Mahindra Finance, Oracle and Bharat Inclusion Initiative by CIIE, IIM Ahmedabad. With a pedigree of the management team from IITs/IIMs, we are ensuring that all our processes are fair and transparent.

No Market Volatility

RupeeCircle P2P Investments are not subjected to stock market volatility.

Secondary Market

RupeeCircle investors can liquidate their portfolio at any time by listing it in the secondary marketplace. This provides an additional exit option for investors on our platform.

Secondary Market

Risk Grades

Our underwriting algorithm classifies the loan requirement into multiple risk grades starting from A to F. The credit risk as well as the interest rate increases from A to F. Our algorithm leverages 5000+ data points like credit history, financial stability, repayment capability, and behavioural patterns for accurate profiling.

Loan Grades

Trust & Transparency

We believe in taking responsibility and maintaining stringent checks to ensure that our processes are transparent as well as ethical.

Trust & Transparency


RupeeCircle stands to disrupt retail investment assets in India with machine learning, data science, and Big Data analytics. We aim to be at the forefront of bringing technological advances to our customers in the realm of P2P lending.

We look forward to create a self-fulfilling society where people can back each other in a win-win relationship.