Consumer Durables

Why RupeeCircle?

Get a Consumer Durable Loan and own your dream product

RupeeCircle is a peer-to-peer lending platform that lets borrowers take different kinds of loans including a consumer durable loan.

Buy small luxuries of life that brings happiness

Buying what you want sometimes becomes impossible due to personal and financial responsibilities. We understand what you want, which is why we let you take a consumer durable loan to get it easily.

Be it light or heavy appliances, our online consumer durable loan will help you get what you desire quick and hassle-free.

When you opt for consumer durable loan, apply online and you get your money disbursed within a few working days from the date of your application. For those who apply online for consumer durable loan, we have zero registration fees.

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Why get a consumer durables loan from RupeeCircle?

RupeeCircle is one of the few P2P companies that help you with consumer durable finance at very low interest rates.
Here is what you get with our consumer durable loans: